Carpet Cleaning





Carpet Cleaning

DirtBusterz llc is pleased to announce that we now offer commercial carpet cleaning services. Regular carpet cleaning not only extends the life of your carpets, but will reduce the pollutants that are trapped in its fibers.  Clean carpets:

  • Increases customer confidence & boosts sales.       After all, who would be comfortable in a doctor’s waiting room that has soiled carpeting leading back to the examination rooms?
  • Regular carpet cleaning removes bacteria, fungus, soils, mold spores and other contaminants that are trapped in carpets and can lead to poor indoor air quality. A healthier work environment means fewer sick days and more productive employees.
  • Save money! Carpets were no doubt a major investment in your building. Cleaning preserves the appearance and life of the carpet. A dirty carpet wears out much faster than a clean carpet.
  • Cuts down on overall cleaning time. Carpets act like a filter trapping dirt. By keeping your carpet clean, the other surface areas in your building will also stay cleaner.

Our carpet cleaning services include:

  • Vacuum to remove dry soil
  • Pre-spray application
  • Extract soil with floor wand or bonnet
  • Remove spots when possible
  • Apply neutralizer to carpet
  • Rake all carpet and steps that will respond to raking
  • Replace furniture
  • Apply carpet shields under furniture where needed
  • Set up air movers when needed



Give us a call today at 703-398-4907 to get your carpets on a regular maintenance schedule!